Exit Calm - Exit Calm AC307041/42

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The inspired, self titled debut album from South Yorkshire based four piece, Exit Calm.

A sonic and soulful masterpiece, this impressive debut showcases the bands distinctive wall of immense and anthemic sound whilst simultaneously introducing you to a band whose sincerity, presence and originality serves to remind you what ‘real’ bands are all about.

Free lossless digital download with the vinyl version.

Track Listing

  1. You've Got It All Wrong
  2. We're On Our Own
  3. When You Realise
  4. Hearts Minds
  5. Don't Look Down
  6. Forgiveness
  7. Reference
  8. With Angels
  9. Atone
  10. Recovery
  11. Serenity

Pressing Information

2x12" Vinyl LP, gatefold, limited to 500 copies SOLD OUT
Also available on jewel case CD