Dorias Baracca - Handsome Melting Point AC306075

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Hailing from Odense in Denmark, Dorias Baracca are almost too young to be making the intense, yet beautiful shoegazing music that they do.

Growing up on a diet of Slowdive, Chapterhouse, Cocteau Twins and Ride have given them a musical maturity that belies their 17 years. The EP manages to encompass the swathing walls of noise that Slowdive created with their early EPs, as well as the driving guitar wizardry of Ride and Swervedriver.

Following their debut London shows back in October, the Hands At Melting Point EP is their debut release, produced by Jonas Munk (Manual). On stage they are a blisteringly loud maelstrom of swirling feedback and melodic chaos that rivals other self-confessed noisemasters like A Place To Bury Strangers.

Track Listing

  1. the only touch
  2. birthday
  3. silence
  4. sandtown

Pressing Information

CD in card wallet, limited to 500 copies.