Pris_ - Comes Undone ACAW002

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Pris_ is an electronic music act based between London and Paris. It comprises of French musician, songwriter and filmmaker, Franz Kirmann (Lobe Records), London based DJ (but Australian born), MsRosalita, and English musician, Simon Smith. Simon is the latest addition to the Pris_ stable, playing guitar and bass. Simon also performs as one half of electronic duo, Reason or Romanza.

In its current incarnation, Kirmann and MsRosalita have collaborated as Pris_ since February 2006. The pair first met around the Shoreditch party scene in the summer of 2005. However, it was at a chance meeting in the long, cold winter of January 2006 at the screening of the Comes Undone music video clip and short film screening that the duo reconnected and vowed to together pursue their love of producing electronic dance music.

Simon and Kirmann first met in the winter of 2006 through their own electronica projects. Whether performing live, DJing, going to gigs, rehearsing, or partying together, Kirmann (vocals), MsRosalita (live synth, laptop) and Simon (guitar / bass) are always emotionally focused on Pris_. The trio perform a series of DJ gigs together and independently across London, using an assortment of both vinyl and electronic software.

Working closely with different collaborators such as Parisian producer and sound engineer Ludovic Morin (aka Innerscreens) - and Sweden based musican/producer Tomas Almgren (Hearts Of Black Science), the trio produce emotional and alcoholic French electro pop.

Influenced by bands such as Depeche Mode, New Order, and the new wave movement of the 80s (Gary Numan, The Human League), Pris_ are strongly inspired by contemporaries such as Black Strobe or Lali Puna.

Pressing Information

Black vinyl 7" single, limited to 200 copies