Spotlight Kid - Departure AC303062

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Born out of frustration, born out of back luck or just fate? Chris Davis conceived Spotlight Kid in late 2005. His former band Six By Seven had reached a cross roads, they had done what they had set out to do and now nobody cared anymore. It was time to take a new route and go it alone, well almost…

Having already written an arsenal of new songs, Chris Davis asked long time friend and singer Katty Heath if she would like to join the ride and see what happens. Having fulfilled her commitments with her former band Bent, she agreed and Spotlight Kid began.

Six months and eleven songs later and the finished album has landed. 46 minutes of beautiful epic music that fills your soul with fire, shifting through the hazy drone rock of
Spacemen 3 and the velvets through to the uplifting beauty of Lush, MBV and Swervedriver, cutting a glance in the right direction to the great moments of shoegaze, krautrock and 90’s psychedelia.

Former Six By Seven members Sam Hempton and James Flower also make a welcome appearance on the album, amongst other friends who chipped in. At the core though is Chris Davis, who always had a clear image of how the record should turn out…

Track Listing

  1. Never's Too Soon
  2. Machines
  3. Can't Let Go This Feeling
  4. Hungover
  5. Seefeel
  6. Liquid Coloured
  7. A Million Ways
  8. Spit
  9. Electric Forecast
  10. Time Goes Slow In This Town
  11. We The People

Pressing Information

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