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Christmas time in Cambridge 2003 is where Televise and Songs To Sing In A&E began.

After leaving Nude Records signings and Coldplay/Granddaddy tour buddies Lowgold to concentrate on Televise Simon Scott was band-less. A rare sighting of his hometown legend and ex Pink Floyd hero Syd Barrett inspired him to get back to London and ask drummer Nick King and bassist Alex Dowding to join. Rehearsing songs in a friends North London pub to anyone who cared to listen developed into all night jams with Jamie Armstrong added on second guitar in February 2004.

After releasing the Outside Out single on Club AC30 in May, 2005 was spent writing and recording songs for a debut full-length with Pat Collier in South London. Televise also played shows and contributed tracks to the soundtrack of Life On Mars, an award winning Australian short film.

If you take the emotive releases on modern European labels like City Center Offices, Morr music and Hapna, classic 60‘s garage pop, classic 4AD signings and textures only equalled by Simons old band Slowdive you are still nowhere near to describing the depth of Songs To Sing In A&E. Travelling on London Underground and the relentless sound of modern living provided sonic inspiration as Simon recorded sounds to lay over instrumental tracks. Televise also draw from electronic and dance music using samples including Simons old school band member Jamie Liddell, now signed solo to warp records, taking his voice and shredding it through a laptop.
Nine songs that include new single I Don't Know Why, a cover of the Ultra Vivid Scene classic Mercy Seat, and 14 minute drone epic Never Alone.

Track Listing

  1. This Is Where...
  2. Radiation Sound
  3. If I Told You
  4. I Don't Know Why
  5. Smile
  6. Underwater
  7. Mercy Seat
  8. Never Alone
  9. Life On Mars

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