Never Lose That Feeling #1 AC302052

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Never Lose That Feeling #1 is the first volume of three sixteen track compilation cds of contemporary artists that we love covering noisy indie classics from the late eighties, early nineties. Everyone from Spiritualized to Swervedriver through Ride, Curve, House Of Love, My Bloody Valentine and of course Slowdive are given a modern twist by such AC30 favourites as Ulrich Schnauss, Douglas Heart and Amusement Parks On Fire.

Track Listing

  1. Angel Sigh
  2. Coast Is Clear
  3. When The Sun Hits
  4. You Made Me Realise
  5. Blowin Cool
  6. Never Click
  7. Mercy Seat
  8. Suzanne
  9. Alison
  10. For Love
  11. Kinky Love
  12. Drive Blind
  13. Son Of Mustang Ford
  14. The Perfect Needle
  15. Frozen
  16. Black Metallic

Pressing Information

CD in jewel case