Depth & Current - Transient AC3010027

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United around a fascination with extreme sound and a common curiosity for manipulating and destroying it, the sonic-obsessed three-piece Depth & Current have compressed 8 songs into 14 minutes, with the explicit intention of releasing the album on 7" vinyl only.

The record is an experiment: “A full-length album, for a modern attention span.”

The band are from Norman, Oklahoma and consist of Chris Harris (guitars, synths, programming, vocals), Derek Lemke (guitars, synths), and Tommy McKenzie (bass, guitars, synths). Their sound is heavy electronic beats, loud jarring guitars, punishing bass, and dark, reverb-drenched vocals.

Released on Record Store Day 2013 (April 20th), copies ordered here will be sent out when we get them in, likely to be a few weeks prior to release. Digital files come free with copies ordered (choice of WAV, FLAC or MP3), and those are unlocked the day of release.

Track Listing

  1. Running
  2. Unknown
  3. Coast 2 Coast
  4. Turn Me On
  5. You're Alive
  6. Exes and Ohs
  7. Breaking Your Heart
  8. Beat The Stars

Pressing Information

250 copies on clear frosted heavyweight vinyl 7"