Taffy - Darkle EP AC3012034

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Following the widespread and critical success of their third album last year, along with a full UK tour, Japanese indie-pop four piece, Taffy return with their brand new EP, ‘Darkle’, out May _

‘Darkle’ spins dreamy, sugar-sweet vocals over 7 tracks, each under-pinned by the classic Taffy formula: psychedelic shoegaze noise-outs and Graham Coxon-esque 90’s guitar riffs.

The EP is a swirl of transcendental melodies, broken up by British pop sensibilities reminiscent of Elastica and The Stone Roses. ‘Suicidal Bunny’ opens the record with reverb-laden garage guitars while ‘Redamancy’ immediately slows tempo with quieter, more anthemic backing, both showcasing contagiously catchy, softly sung vocal hooks.

The collections quality of production starts to shine though with tracks such as ‘Young Tines’ and ‘Remember To Remember’, with quiet-loud, all-encompassing dynamics and spacious recordings that perfectly showcase the excellent musicianship behind Iris’ often otherworldly vocals.

‘Dr.K’ brings the listener back to the room with balsy, punk guitars and a vocal delivery with more swagger and grit than we’ve become used to from Taffy, a welcome break before ‘HBD’ gives us a look at Taffy’s playful side with an outtake-like, whimsical run-through of ‘Happy Birthday’.

Famed 90s psychedelic outfit Brian Jonestown Massacre have stepped in to remix the aforementioned ‘Young Tines’, lending their own touch to close the EP. Tying up the release nicely with some of what Taffy do, and always have done, best: heartfelt pop masterpieces backed with beautiful, fuzz laden guitar soundscapes.

Copies will ship a week prior to the release date of May 4th. All vinyl orders come with free lossless digital files if ordered here on the AC30 store.

Track Listing

  1. Suicidal Bunny
  2. Redamancy
  3. Young Tines
  4. Remember to Remember
  5. Dr.K
  6. HBD (Mono)
  7. Young Tines Remix Mastered

Pressing Information

250 copies on heavy frosted white vinyl 10" in a thick reverse board sleeve
300 copies on cd in a thick reverse board digipack