Fever Dream - Nightcrawling AC3012064

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Nightcrawling is the second single taken from Fever Dream's debut album "Moyamoya"

Comprised of guitarist/vocalist Adey Fleet, bassist Sarah Lippett, and drummer Cat Loye, Fever Dream make music which stalks the unsettled territory between MBV and PiL: suffused with melody and discordance, unhinged. Via the twitching fragility and freneticism of Fleet’s guitar and vocals, Lippett's stormy bass, and the propulsive dark heart that is Loye’s drumming, Fever Dream pitch tumultuous swathes of noise against irresistible pop hooks and gentle febrile tonality, arriving at a sound which sharply articulates a disorientating world of panic attacks, tender allegiances, and sweet perversions.
Drawing from shoegaze, slowcore, and alt-rock - basically any form of music that favours distorted guitars and never really had its “moment” in indie rock post-1995 -- and for that reason, never really went out of style – Fever Dream manages to successfully sound genreless -- despite being referential of half a dozen genres at once -- and a seamless, coherent listening experience that remains in memory long after the last note has faded.

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Track Listing

  1. Side A - Nightcrawling
  2. Side B - Fragile

Pressing Information

100 cassette singles on white tape stock with a full colour sleeve in a clear cassette case. SOLD OUT