Air Formation - Were We Ever Here EP AC3012104

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Ten years on from their first release for Club AC30, 57 Octaves Below EP, the four songs on ‘Were We Ever Here’ cover every corner of Air Formation’s sound, whilst adding surprising new touches. The swathes of feedback and distortion are all present and correct, along with swooping New Order synths. Slow-building opener ‘I Could Stay’ comes to life in a swooning burst of fuzzed-up bass and hyperactive Ride-like drums. Closing track ‘The Wasted Days’ takes the entire EP into another gear, shifting from kinetic drone-pop to expansive post-rock territory, bringing this record to a close in a shower of noise.

Say the band themselves: “We really feel 'Were We Ever Here' showcases the best of Air Formation, but then takes it on a different path to any of the music has come before.” While their break-up in 2011 involved no fireworks or fistfights, the band do admit that “what once felt effortless and exciting was becoming hard to hold together, and that is no way to make music.” ‘Were We Ever Here’ suggests that the band’s spark has returned. With a vengeance.

The EP is pressed on 180g transparent orange vinyl with blue splatters, in a thick reverse board sleeve. The record will ship approximately one week prior to the official release date of 25th September, at which point the free lossless digital files will unlock.

Track Listing

  1. I Could Stay
  2. Last Resolve
  3. On The Floor
  4. The Wasted Days

Pressing Information

250 copies on heavy transparent orange vinyl with blue splatters, thick reverse board sleeve.SOLD OUT