Pinkshinyultrablast - The Cherry Pit AC3013027

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"The Cherry Pit" is the second single to be taken from the forthcoming album "Grandfeathered" by Pinkshinyultrablast.

"Grandfeathered" is a more experimental listen compared with the debut album 'Everything Else Matters', it’s the sound of a band unafraid to try new things and embrace those fine lines between visceral noise and restrained subtlety. The band saying of the new sound “The new album has been recorded and mixed much faster than the previous one. The songs have more density to them and are generally more complex.”

The 7" for "The Cherry Pit" will be limited to 500 copies on half aquamarine and half pink (which we've called "Mermaid"), in a heavy reverse board sleeve. All vinyl bought via the AC30 mailorder will come with a lossless digital download that unlocks on the release date -- 12th February 2016. All orders will ship a week prior to release.

Track Listing

  1. A. The Cherry Pit (radio edit)
  2. B. The Cherry Pit (shiny dub)

Pressing Information

500 copies on half aquamarine and half pink (Mermaid) 7" vinyl, in a heavy reverse board sleeve SOLD OUT