Taffy - Nyctophilia AC3014001

‘Nyctophilia’ showcases everything you could want from a Taffy record, but with a subtle difference. “I always write the songs as singles” explains singer Iris, “but for this album, for the first time, I wrote songs just to be part of the album”, and this is evident upon first listen. This album builds on the bands atmospheric guitar work and noise-rock sound, all the while showcasing their renowned dreamy, sugar-sweet songwriting under-pinned by Graham Coxon-esque 90’s guitar riffs.

The album name displays a certain continuity with their lauded 2015 EP, ‘Darkle’ conveying feelings of darkness and love for the night, almost in direct contrast to the band’s bright, shimmering sound.

A swirl of transcendental melodies, new single ‘dd’ is a reverb-laden cacophony of fuzz bass and soaring, anthemic vocals backed with beautiful, psychedelic soundscapes. Tracks such as ‘Runic Wade’ and ‘Lavendery’ take a step away from layered guitar work and take a more delicate approach, with dynamic and spacious recordings that give center stage to Iris’ blissful and otherworldly vocals.

With sensibilities reminiscent of Elastica and The Stone Roses, Taffy have always been inspired by the works of British artists and in ‘Nyctophilia’ they were given the chance to play homage to one of their favorites with a cover of ‘Come Home Baby’ by The Charlatans. Tim Burgess has been something of a longtime fan speaking publicly of his fondness for the band, taking them on tour. Of the cover he said "it's an honour” but the band insist the honour is all theirs.

Track Listing

  1. RunicWade
  2. dd
  4. Lavendery
  5. ComeHomeBaby
  6. reTRAIN
  7. Murkiii
  8. Luminous Ride

Pressing Information

250 copies on 180g clear vinyl with black and light blue flecks, on a heavy reverse board outer and colour inner sleeve.