Adam Franklin - Iron Horse / Born To Lose / Thursday's Child AC3014037

Swervedriver frontman Adam Franklin is set to release versions of ‘Iron Horse/Born to Lose’ by Motörhead and David Bowie’s ‘Thursday’s Child’ as a double A-side 7” single, on 22nd April 20017, in celebration of this year’s Record Store Day.

Sketches of the two songs had been lurking on Franklin’s laptop for a while, but when Lemmy and Bowie died within two weeks of each other over a year ago, he decided to finish them off in one recording session. 'Iron Horse/Born To Lose', a very early Motörhead song, first appeared in 1977 and Bowie's 'Thursday's Child' was released much later as a single in 1999. While very different, these songs both have a certain vulnerability, exposed further by Franklin’s own interpretations.

Swaying between gently sussurating drones and subdued squally guitar, Franklin’s rich psych rock palette both preserves the core identity of the original tracks’ melodies and enhances them. He made use of late 70s/early 80s technology, including Wasp Synth, 808 Drum Machine and his trusty old Crumar Nu Performer. “After sprinkling stuttering delayed electric guitars over both tracks in one continuous overdub, what comes out of the speakers might sound like some alternative version of the Cold War/computer age late 70s, like the Scarfolk Council vision of a dystopian future that's a lot more scary now that it may finally have arrived!” Adam Franklin

Comes with free digital download.

Track Listing

  1. Iron Horse Born To Lose
  2. Thursday's Child

Pressing Information

500 copies on transparent blue 7" vinyl, in a thick reverse board outer sleeve with white paper inners.