South - From Here On Out AC3018011

‘From Here On Out’, a brand-new compilation of 16 b-sides, rarities, and demos from South during the 'From Here On In' era...
Featuring 'Breaking Away' having only previously appeared on a limited edition 10” vinyl release of the 'Keep Close’ single back in 2001.
‘Breaking Away’ was "written on the cusp of us signing our first record deal” frontman Joel explains. "Things were starting to happen for us as a band and everything was there to be won or lost. The song alludes to that sense of excitement and fear as young adults beginning our journey, stepping into a new, unknown chapter.”

Track Listing

  1. Save Your Sorrow
  2. Remind Me
  3. Here On Out
  4. Wasted Reminders
  5. Breaking Away
  6. Mad Day
  7. Instrumental A
  8. I Know What You're Like (Demo)
  9. Run On Time (Demo)
  10. Southern Climbs (Chiswick Reach)
  11. Time To Riot (DIV)
  12. Separate Meaning
  13. Breaking Free
  14. I'd Be Lying
  15. Better Things (Demo)
  16. Coming of Age

Pressing Information

500 copies on 2 x 180g black vinyl LP, in a thick reverse board gatefold sleeve.